My Poem (the whole school in general)

At times

buzzing with excitement,

and at others,

as lonely as a lone wolf,

with a fantastic love for learning.

Making childhood memories,

and helping complete childhood dreams.

A little fish in a big pond,

slowly ageing, in different aspects of life.

Loved by some,

and hated by others with,

lots of room for love.

Always going in to things with an open heart and soul.

Beautiful but sometimes forgotten.

100 word writing task


Today is the day, we are sending up the newly furbished N.A.S.A space ship to see if there are any new planets that we havn’t discovered.


Up it goes, the new ship is in the air and going well. It’s out of sight which hopefully means that it’s up there. Wait, the camera just came on and we can see a planet type thing in the distance.”Go closer I think we can see a new planet that is quite like earth.”                                 “Sir, I think it is a little divergent. It has a face, a mouth and it’s talking.”  “Well that sure is strange what do you want to name it?”                                                                                                    “PLUTO! … PLUTO! … PLUTO!”

This was our prompt for our writing task on the 27/07/15:


Term 2 project reflection: Australian mulga (acacia aneura)

  • In term 2 the 5/6’s at M.P.P.S did a unit on the deadly deserts. During this unit we had to do a project on a plant or animal that lives in the Australian desert, we did not choose our animal however we did a lucky dip. My partner and I focused on the Australian mulga (acacia aneura). In our project we had to complete a certain criteria. We had to put in the main adaptations from three areas: Behavioural, Structural and Physiological. We also had to add in how the animal would survive in their environment but without their adaptations. A piece of extra piece of information that we added was the life cycle, this showed how they have evolved, what happens in their life, their life expectancy and also how tall they get . I worked with Tirth for the project and I think we work well together and finished our project earlier than needed but to quite a high standard.

    3 facts I found interesting

    • I found out that the spencers burrowing frog was large eyes that helps it swallow it’s food and also that it has 2 back legs that help it burrow deep into the ground so that it can wait until there is water or moisture to help it survive and when there is it comes up to the surface.
    • I found that the Thorny devil camouflages when it is cold, warm or even alert. The thorny devil also grows a lot during the period of time from birth to death. These creatures have an animal that looks a lot like it but has some different adaptations.
    • I found out the Australian mulga has long and deep roots to help it get nutrients from deep in the soil to cool itself down because further down in the soil it gets cooler and cooler because it is not exposed to the hot or warm air that is above surface. I also found out that it grows to at least 7 metres in 70 years which means it grows 1 metre every 10 years and it grows to a maximum of 10 metres over 100 years which is about half their life span.

    2 understandings that I gained

    • I know understand how evolution helps animals to fit in to their environment and that evolution takes a long time, an example of an adaptation that has evolved over time for the Australian mulga is it’s long and deep roots which help it cool down, it also has phyllodes which are thickened leaf stems that are not leaves as such but do the job of them
    • I now know that not all deserts are hot and not all deserts are sandy. I learned that Antarctica is a desert because it does not get much rain fall which is a factor of a desert. I now know that the Sturt’s desert in central Australia is rocky. I thought before this topic all deserts were hot all the time but most deserts are extremely cold at night.

    1 question I still have

    • How do the eyes of a spencers burrowing frog help it to swallow it’s food and how things change on an animal over time?

    What where the most important things I learned

    • I think the most important things I learned where the importance of team work and how it can help you finish what you need to do.

    How did I learn it

    • Some days when I was working with my partner we were not working well together and other days we were and then we got more of our work done. I think something that could help next time is not having one person take over the entire project and you have to evenly split the work load. I also think having more patience is key to a good presentation.

The Gift…

On the 11th of June the 5/6’s of M.P.P.S did narratives. These narratives, had to be about a gift, I did my story about an elderly homeless women that was given a very important gift. Through out the story there are little gift but closer to the end there is a very important gift. I hope you enjoy;

Hi, I am Martha Skitzenberg and I live in Broad meadows at the local train station.It’s 2003, and I am worried about this train station on Friday and Saturday nights because when people come back from the city after a long day, they have often been to the pub earlier and had a bit to much to drink. After people have been to the pub, many don’t know what they are doing.

In 1997, my husband passed away when he was coming home. He was king hit by a bunch of under aged teenagers after a big night. When he passed away I didn’t have enough money to pay off the rest of our mortgage so our house was taken from me which left me… you guessed it… homeless. When people at the station pass me, they like to laugh but one day a teenage boy had just came back from the shops, he had bought things to decorate his home and he gave me his; warm sleeping bag, lots of decorated pillows, battery operated lights and some new warm clothes for the winter.

Today, I was contacted by the Australian government and told that someone (a young teenage boy) had contacted them and he said that he was studying law in year 12 and told them that people aged over 60 that are homeless, have to be given a home in the suburb/estate of their  by the government and he would walk past that women in 3 months to see if she is still their and if not he will tell the police and contact the housing department or even sue the Government.

I was flooded with joy,when I found out that someone of that aged cared for the elderly and homeless. I wouldn’t expect this to happen in the 21st century because of how society has changed for the worse.

“Back in my day,” I raveled on, to the stranger reading my sign, “you could walk through the city at night and know that nothing bad will happen to you unnless you bother someone you don’t know.”Will she ever stop thought the young man. “Do you walk through the city at night feeling safe?” The young man walked off in bother.

1 and a half months later

Today, the prime minister, Tony Abbott came and gave me keys to a lovely double story house with a pool, and an electrical chair so I don’t have to walk up the stairs. My new house is; 3 Worribale court, Toorak.

7 years later

” Today, we remember what wonderful moments we had with our late friend Martha Skitzenberg. She gave us all her friendly advice and shared her wisdom with children and people that will grow old with that knowledge .”                          “I once remember her saying to me that; back in her day she could walk through the city at night feeling safe and knowing that she would get home safely.” A tear dropped and the middle aged man turned around and sat in his seat.”

Thank you for reading my piece and I hope you enjoyed my narrative.

Term 1 unit reflection (history)

In term 1 2015 the 5/6’s did projects on Australian history. The amounts of people in each group were 3 but mainly 2 people in each group. You could choose from many topics. The year 5’s studied the 1800’s and the year 6’s studied the 1900’s. The topics you could choose from were:

Year 5 possible research areas:

John Batman – Hero or Villain? Batman signed a ‘deed’ with the Wurrundjeri people – but was he stealing their land, Emigration. Explore the tale of one family leaving home and those they left behind, Investigate squatters and selectors history and stories, Investigate aboriginal resistance fighters – eg Jandamarra or Pemulwuy. Etc.

Year 6 possible research areas:

Investigating the stories of individuals or groups who advocated or fought for rights in twentieth-century Australia (ie ‘Freedom Riders’ of 1965, Charles Perkins, Eddie Marbo), Explain and compare the push and pull factors that have contributed to people migrating to Australia, Explore how Australia’s immigration selection process determined who was let in and who was not, Investigate the different types of migrants who arrived in Australia after World War II, in the 1970s and recently. Etc

Now I will share things that I learnt from this topic

3 Facts I found Interesting or Surprising:

  1. I found out that Charles Perkins was a half aboriginal but also half European and I found this surprising because even though he was part aboriginal he was a European that had an interest in aboriginal rights and wanted to help them.
  2. I leant that John Macarthur lost his job as an English soldier because he started the rum rebellion but, he ended up very rich because he was amazing in the wool industry and he brought Marino sheep to Australia. In fact he brought  4,000 sheep to Australia.
  3. Another thing I learnt was that a squatter is someone that illegally marks land that isn’t theirs and if they are there for 12 or more years that land becomes theirs. I also learnt that a selector is someone that is legally given land by the government. I found this interesting because it shows how Australia has changed over time.

2 Things I Now Understand:

  1. I now understand that things in the 19th and 20th century were a lot tougher than things today in the 21st century. I also understand that life was even tougher for the aboriginals in Australia because there was the White Australia policy and Europeans thought that their way of life should be the only way.
  2. I understand that in the 21st century we are lucky because we have an easier way of life. We have advanced medical screening, for example: X-ray, M.R.I, cat-scan, bone-scan .etc. We also have technology for example; The news, telephone, mobile, internet, Ipads, Ipods .etc. These things help us to know what is going on in the whole world .EG. war, Budget, Traffic, Whether problems .etc. I believe the most important way that Australia has changed is the amount of multi-cultural people in our country. Australia is now extremely diverse and multi-cultural you know this by when you go through a shopping centre and see all the people that are running shops and they are from China, England, India .etc. there are even grocery shops that only have food from a certain country.

1 Question I still Have:

  1. I still wonder why Europeans thought that they were the only people with the right lifestyle and why they brought in the white Australian policy?

BTN: Revisiting Nepal

On the 25th of  April 2015 Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 3 weeks later there has been another earthquake. I now understand how lucky we are that we don’t have big earthquakes in Australia because of the set up of tectonic plates. The second earthquake killed more than 90 people and left many people homeless, and needing aid. I understand that people need help and I would like to help the people in need. It is important that people understand what has happened overseas. The second earthquake was a 7.3 magnitude so it wasn’t as bad but still very dangerous.

I wonder if Nepal will ever get rebuilt in time before another deadly earthquake?

100WC 33

…but the ferocious wind …

I was outside playing basketball when all of a sudden the ring fell. I called my mum and brother …but the ferocious wind … was to loud. I tried to run inside but the door wasn’t opening so I knocked on the window and no one could hear me. I was so scared and then thought of a plan, I had the phone outside with me so I tried to call the home phone but the phone lines were down I was so scared and I couldn’t think. Then the wind stopped.

5/6 monoprinting evaluation

The Arts Department

Art Critic Evaluation Year 5/6

Art Topic: Monoprinting

Name: Holly

Classroom Teacher: Lee Pregnell

Artwork Title: Eye am Watching you

Description: What do you see? Describe the work of art. What is the medium?

The medium of my piece of work was…I used paper to put make my print,  I used paint when I was drawing/designing my print, I used a monoprinter whilst drawing my print with paint, I used cotton buds to draw my print. In this piece you see… I see texture from the glass print maker. My picture involved two eyes on the opposite side of the paint. There are also different lines to create texture.


Analysis: Describe the work according to the art elements and principles. Eg. Explain the type of line you see, describe the colour, shape, texture and space.

There are different lines and that gives texture to the piece and detail, my piece also involves different colours that emphasise different parts of the piece, I used harmony whilst choosing the colours that would go nicely to give my piece balance.


Interpretation: Tell the story of what you were trying to achieve with your work of art. Why did you choose to create this work of art? Why did you choose this image to print?

I choose to print the eye because it gives the piece meaning. My interpretation for this piece is to show that there is always someone looking over you and taking care of you.  I believe this will help to put across a point that shows that you are not alone when you feel you are.


Judgment: Give your opinion of your final piece. Be sure to include a reason for your judgment.

I think my piece turned out well but I could have chosen colours that work more harmoniously to make the piece feel smooth and to make the piece feel balanced.

My reason for this is because… I believe a piece of art has a very strong meaning to its owner and to make a piece feel finished and to help the piece feel finished it needs to work harmoniously together.

100wc 32


“breaking news from the land of Minies. The president Mrs. Stephonson was collecting seeds for the homeless and was stopped by an eagle the eagle said” “hand over the seeds or I will take over your village and everyone will be put in jail and the homeless people will be my servants.” “so she handed over the seeds for the sake of her fellow villagers.”

3 years later

“Today the land of the minies was taken over by the eagle that threatened their president 3 years ago about taking over and the threat has now become a real life circumstance. the president tried to evacuate all the villagers but thet didn’t have enough time so Mrs. Stephonson stayed back with the eagle and lived the rest of her life as a servant.”

Nepal Earthquake BTN

This Btn informed me about the devastating earthquake in Nepal recently. This earthquake had a 7.9 magnitude rating.this Earthquake left behind broken hearts as thousands of people passed away in the rubble of their homes, buildings and some from an avalanche on Mt Everest. This earthquake left many people homeless and needing medical treatment.

To understand how it happened you need background information on the earth. I you go far underneath the surface of the earth you will find a big, red, hot molten rock. Molten rock is a hard version of lava. When there is a volcano eruption parts of molten rock is released and turns into a liquid. The layer we float above is called crust. Crust is made up of extremely big blocks of Earth that are also known as tectonic plates. Tectonic plates shift a few centimeters every year. When a tectonic plate collides with another one tectonic plate is forced to go up which makes the ground shake. Some places get many earthquakes because they are on top of two tectonic plates that may collide at any time but some places like; Australia get large earthquakes because they are in the middle of one tectonic plate. In 2012 Australia had a little Earthquake that was only a little earthquake and that didn’t make much damage. China on the other hand is on top of two tectonic plates therefore gets extremely bad earthquakes which cause millions of dollars to repair.

There are not many large earthquakes a year but there are many little ones.
That is what I learned from this Btn.