Buddies picnic

Prep buddies picnic –Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

On the 9th of December all the preps and the 5/6’s went to the Royal Botanic Garden Victoria for our buddies picnic, during the day we played games, walked around the gardens, and the main goal was learning to communicate with your younger peers.

At M.P.P.S we do a thing called ‘the buddies program’ and it is run with the year 5/6’s and the preps. It is mainly a program to help communication skills with younger and older peers. 1 week we eat with them at lunch and the next week we have a lesson with them. Everyone was allocated their younger or older buddies at the start of the year and since then it has all been the same. Some of the buddy partnering was done with 2 older buddies depending on the preps co-operation skills or on the 5/6 buddies experience with younger peers.

Our 1st destination was ‘the lake’ where we ate recess, wrote about what we could hear, see, smell and feel, after we finished that we looked at how many Ducks, Swans, Eels, Eurasian Coots and Dusky Moorhens. Not everyone finished all that but if you did you were allowed to sit down, relax and play with our prep buddies.

Our next destination was ‘the herb garden’. In the herb garden we had to try and find the herbs that were on the sheet then describe what they look like, and smell like. My buddy and I particularly liked the Pineapple-scented Sage, and the 1 we liked the least I unfortunately cannot remember the name.

Next we went to the ‘fern gully’ we walked through on a trail and talked to our buddies we also described what we saw, heard, smelt and felt.

Overall, it was a good day.

BTN: Revisiting Nepal

On the 25th of  April 2015 Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 3 weeks later there has been another earthquake. I now understand how lucky we are that we don’t have big earthquakes in Australia because of the set up of tectonic plates. The second earthquake killed more than 90 people and left many people homeless, and needing aid. I understand that people need help and I would like to help the people in need. It is important that people understand what has happened overseas. The second earthquake was a 7.3 magnitude so it wasn’t as bad but still very dangerous.

I wonder if Nepal will ever get rebuilt in time before another deadly earthquake?

100WC 33

…but the ferocious wind …

I was outside playing basketball when all of a sudden the ring fell. I called my mum and brother …but the ferocious wind … was to loud. I tried to run inside but the door wasn’t opening so I knocked on the window and no one could hear me. I was so scared and then thought of a plan, I had the phone outside with me so I tried to call the home phone but the phone lines were down I was so scared and I couldn’t think. Then the wind stopped.

5/6 monoprinting evaluation

The Arts Department

Art Critic Evaluation Year 5/6

Art Topic: Monoprinting

Name: Holly

Classroom Teacher: Lee Pregnell

Artwork Title: Eye am Watching you

Description: What do you see? Describe the work of art. What is the medium?

The medium of my piece of work was…I used paper to put make my print,  I used paint when I was drawing/designing my print, I used a monoprinter whilst drawing my print with paint, I used cotton buds to draw my print. In this piece you see… I see texture from the glass print maker. My picture involved two eyes on the opposite side of the paint. There are also different lines to create texture.


Analysis: Describe the work according to the art elements and principles. Eg. Explain the type of line you see, describe the colour, shape, texture and space.

There are different lines and that gives texture to the piece and detail, my piece also involves different colours that emphasise different parts of the piece, I used harmony whilst choosing the colours that would go nicely to give my piece balance.


Interpretation: Tell the story of what you were trying to achieve with your work of art. Why did you choose to create this work of art? Why did you choose this image to print?

I choose to print the eye because it gives the piece meaning. My interpretation for this piece is to show that there is always someone looking over you and taking care of you.  I believe this will help to put across a point that shows that you are not alone when you feel you are.


Judgment: Give your opinion of your final piece. Be sure to include a reason for your judgment.

I think my piece turned out well but I could have chosen colours that work more harmoniously to make the piece feel smooth and to make the piece feel balanced.

My reason for this is because… I believe a piece of art has a very strong meaning to its owner and to make a piece feel finished and to help the piece feel finished it needs to work harmoniously together.

100wc 32


“breaking news from the land of Minies. The president Mrs. Stephonson was collecting seeds for the homeless and was stopped by an eagle the eagle said” “hand over the seeds or I will take over your village and everyone will be put in jail and the homeless people will be my servants.” “so she handed over the seeds for the sake of her fellow villagers.”

3 years later

“Today the land of the minies was taken over by the eagle that threatened their president 3 years ago about taking over and the threat has now become a real life circumstance. the president tried to evacuate all the villagers but thet didn’t have enough time so Mrs. Stephonson stayed back with the eagle and lived the rest of her life as a servant.”

Nepal Earthquake BTN

This Btn informed me about the devastating earthquake in Nepal recently. This earthquake had a 7.9 magnitude rating.this Earthquake left behind broken hearts as thousands of people passed away in the rubble of their homes, buildings and some from an avalanche on Mt Everest. This earthquake left many people homeless and needing medical treatment.

To understand how it happened you need background information on the earth. I you go far underneath the surface of the earth you will find a big, red, hot molten rock. Molten rock is a hard version of lava. When there is a volcano eruption parts of molten rock is released and turns into a liquid. The layer we float above is called crust. Crust is made up of extremely big blocks of Earth that are also known as tectonic plates. Tectonic plates shift a few centimeters every year. When a tectonic plate collides with another one tectonic plate is forced to go up which makes the ground shake. Some places get many earthquakes because they are on top of two tectonic plates that may collide at any time but some places like; Australia get large earthquakes because they are in the middle of one tectonic plate. In 2012 Australia had a little Earthquake that was only a little earthquake and that didn’t make much damage. China on the other hand is on top of two tectonic plates therefore gets extremely bad earthquakes which cause millions of dollars to repair.

There are not many large earthquakes a year but there are many little ones.
That is what I learned from this Btn.

100WC Week 31

Once upon a time there was a very nice family with a maid named Cinderella. Cinderella always did her chores and that was much appreciated, but one day a letter came in the mail addressed to Cinderella. Her stepsisters took the note and ripped it open before Cinderella knew she had mail. In the letter it said: “Dear Cinderella, I prince Joseph’s royal assistant invite you to our royal ball. It will be held in the royal ballroom at the palace. We are not yet sure of the date but will let you know as soon as the prince approves. To get in to the ball you must bring this letter and don’t show anyone.”

Cinderella never found out about the and never went but her sisters did and caught the attention of the prince.

My prompt was to re-write one of my favorite fairy tales – Cinderella

eSmart digital licence reflection

Last week all the year 6’s of m.p.p.s got together and made accounts to earn eSmart licences. The way you earn your licence is by answering questions to 8 different topics and the pass rate is 80% before you started the test you need to read the fact sheet about each topic. To gain more information about eSmart licences it is available for year 6’s. https://www.digitallicence.com.au/home

Module 1: Digital devices

This quiz was about keeping your devices safe and looking after it.  Some of the topics in this quiz were: Malware, spyware and viruses, Operating systems and web browsers, Wi-Fi and  location-based software, Mobile security, safe mobile apps. The questions weren’t always the same which mean’t if you try to do a test again you wont always pass. I now understand that  many things that are not safe on the internet may be disguised and may look safe. Viruses can damage your computer very badly if you don’t have security on your laptop, if you haven’t got the protection up-to-date, if you look at stuff that could be risky or if you click on things that say you have won something that is to good to be true. If you open a virus (possibly an email) could it spread to other devices that are somehow attached to the device or to devices were you have the email?

Module 2: Protecting Privacy

Some of the topics in this quiz were: Personal privacy and digital reputation, Others’ privacy and digital reputation, Strong passwords and storage, Phishing messages (pop-ups, emails etc.). Some of the questions were about what  you do if someone gets a hold of your email password or what they could, if people get personal details, where the most likely places on the internet to get asked for personal details( not a scam ) and many others. This quiz helps you understand the dangers of people getting a hold of your personal details, it also helps with telling you what not to post.

Module 3: Searching and Researching

This quiz had topics like: Search engines and settings, Search engines and using them to find what you need, Downloading files, Disturbing or illegal websites. From this quiz I now understand that when you go on a website your computer automatically send information about itself to the website( information about the computer) The computers name and it’s user address. The quiz also helps with finding information on the internet Eg what to search up that will help you find information about your topic. This helps by saying that it is a good idea to use a range of different websites or resources.

Module 4: Creating and Sharing

Some topics in this quiz are: Digital rights and responsibilities ,Search engines and using them to find what you need, Irresponsible and illegal posts, Images and videos. This helped me understand things that may violate online reputations or applying for a job and they look at your social media accounts and the employer may think you are disrespectful because you post things that may be rude or mean to people, things that people might misinterpret and many other reasons.

Module 5: Social Networking and Gaming

Some of the topics were: Types of online social networks, Types of online games, Sharing and ‘over-sharing’, Balancing screen-time with time offline. This test shows what to do if you are asked for a trade which involves other peoples personal information. Some of the questions were also about balancing your screen time and about not giving away personal details for things that arent that important like winning a game.

Module 6: Communicating Safely Online

The topics in this quiz were: Instant messaging and SMS, Emailing, Voice and video safety, Sharing images online, Scams in messages. During this quiz I learn’t that SMS means short message service. I also learn’t that you need to be careful on social media because things may carry viruses. I now know how to communicate safely online and what happens if you don’t.

Module 7:  Friends and Strangers.

Some of the topics in this quiz were: Online friends and unwanted contacts, Cyberbullying, Trolling and other aggressors, Meeting face-to-face

100WC Week 29

… X marks the spot…

When we were at the beach last week we saw a big x in the middle of the rock pool we quickly went to ask our parents to go and buy shovels and spades from the local 2 dollar store so they did but they took ages they took ages and the X started to fade. Our parents finally got back with a lot of different types of spades. Before the X went away we circled the X and dug inside the circle. When I was digging I found a big chest but it needed a key so I used my bobby pin and like they always say … X marks the spot…