BTN: Handwrititng

This btn story was about Finland deciding to scrap cursive handwriting lessons and replacing them with typing lessons .

Some Australian critics agree with this idea but many people are going against ditching cursive handwriting. As of 2016 NAPLAN  will be taken online. In the 15th century Niccolo Niccoli invented cursive writing but now Finland believs it is a waste of time and that it has pas its used by date. Some experts believe scrapping cursive writing and replacing it with typing lessons could ruin childrens spelling and handwriting abilities and children will always relie on spell check. I wonder why Finland believs that cursive is a waste of time?

if you want to watch this btn story click here (the video is under handwriting)

100WC #21

We were at school doing silent reading and we all of a sudden heard a slap. It was every childs worst nightmare but someones nightmare just became a real life situation. The only noise you can hear for the next 5-10 minutes is crying and crying and more crying. Once the crying has stopped it is silent for another 2 minutes. This is a chained reaction after the caine has been used on yet another innocent victim. The silence was deafening, but it happened quite often, so i as used to it. Getting the caine or the strap isn’t hard, talk while the teacher talks and out comes the strap.

100WC week#20

I was in Africa building little huts for the homeless when I saw a homeless person lying on the floor crying of starvation and I felt sorry for her she looked so miserable so I looked through my empty lunchbox only to find a sandwich. Hoping she would like vegemite and cheese sandwich I walked over to her and placed it in her hands. As I was walking back to the construction site I heard a thankyou but no more crying as I turned around the was a grey hyena staring me in the face. Begging for food. It climbed over the hill and was never seen again.

Spelling term 3 week

Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a good understanding of the word.

Opponents: Opponents are people that you verse in games and debates

Adjudicator: The person that keeps everyone on task

Affirmative: The team or person that agrees with a statement

Persuasive:  a text to persuade someone to your opinion

100wc week 33

I strongly believe that every child should be able to go to school and get a good education weather they have a disability or not.

Some children in disadvantaged countries like Kenya are not able to get to school. For example 11 year old Lucy was diagnosed with polio when she was young and was affected in her right leg (see 100 word challenge week 33.) Now Lucy is not able to have fun and cannot get a good education if she doesn’t go to school

I believe every child should be able support their family in tough times and Lucy cannot do this without a good education. Let’s help Lucy and all the other disadvantaged children who cannot go to school.

spelling term 1 week 9

Activity One:
Write a paragraph using 5 list words. Make the paragraph interesting to the
reader; remember word choice as a trait to embellish your paragraph:

Today in medical school we learn’t how to use a pair of guillotines because in twenty three days we have an appointment to take out a 4 year olds tonsils.they had demonstrations on how to take out tonsils. tomorrow we have to do a postmortem on a little girl to see if she had an  euthanasia or she died a painful death. My friend is immigrating to Australia shes having an immunization tomorrow

Constitution – the act or process of constituting; establishment.

Demonstrations – an exhibition, as of feeling; display; manifestation: His demonstration of affection was embarrassing.

Eloquent – movingly expressive: looks eloquent of disgust.

Euthanasia – painless death.

Executive – the executive branch of a government

Federation – a league or confederacy.

Financial –  financial information or data about a company, as balance sheets and price-earnings ratio.

Guillotine – an instrument for surgically removing the tonsils.

Immigration – the act of immigrating.

immunization – the fact or process of becoming immune, as against a disease.

Activity Two:
Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words:

Constitution – the act or process of constituting; establishment.

Demonstrations – an exhibition, as of feeling; display; manifestation: His demonstration of affection was embarrassing.

Eloquent – movingly expressive: looks eloquent of disgust.

Euthanasia – painless death.

Executive – the executive branch of a government.

Federation – a league or confederacy.

Financial –  financial information or data about a company, as balance sheets and price-earnings ratio.

Guillotine – an instrument for surgically removing the tonsils.

Immigration – the act of immigrating.

immunization – the fact or process of becoming immune, as against a disease.

Activity Three: Proof reading: rewrite this paragraph with the correct
spelling included.

The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of
which provides services for the public. Each department is responsible to a
cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This permanent head is a
senior public servant , who usually hold his or her position for many years. On
the other hand, the Cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result
of an elections.

Activity Four: Prefixes and Suffixes
a. Find at least three words that use the prefixes and suffixes


  • unconscious
  • unnecessary
  • nonnegotiable


  • wanted
  • spelling
  • beloved

100 WC Week #26

look up.! Can you see. Is it a bird is it a plane no there bombing helicopters. RUN!


” W…w…why do you th…th…think they wa…want to bomb England when we just gave new technology to every country in the world how could anyone be angry at us?


Wait I think I forgot Germany they are the only country with such modern weapons unless they have help. What is the closest country to Germany it could be Belgium 1 because they have good weaponry and 2  because Belgium is also extremely close to Germany.

I know who it is that plane to the left has the German flag on the side.

spelling term 1 week 7

Week 7 Activity One
Write homophones for the following words eg: air – heir

a. allowed, aloud b. bare, bear c. barren, baron  d. bury,berry
e. boar, bore f. boarder, border g. bridal, bridle h. caught, court.

Activity Two:
Use a dictionary to assist you to formulate the meaning of 5 list words

A meeting of party leaders to select candidates


a lawyer who is a member of one of the Inns of Court and who has the privilege of pleading in the higher courts


any of the members of a legislature, especially of the House of Commons of Great Britain, but not including the leaders of the parties.


the power to determine, adjudicate, or otherwise settle issues or disputes; jurisdiction; the right to control, command, or determine.



dealing with or giving  circumstances; detailed; particular: a circumstantial report of a business conference.


Activity Three
Carefully proofread the following paragraph and rewrite the passage correctly.

That nite, when it was dark, thay quiety crept allong and go on the ship’s deck.
Evryone was two busy to notice them. By and by they cam to a blak, sqare hole,
and down they crept by a lader what was in it. They found a lower deck affter
they had gone down a littel way, and had just steped onto it when the hole was
covered over.

That night, when it was dark, they quietly crept along and went on the ship’s deck. 

Everyone was two busy to notice them. By and by they came to a black, square hole,
and down they crept by a ladder what was in it. They found a lower deck after they had gone down a little way, and had just stepped onto it when the hole was covered over.

Activity Four
Make the word in brackets mean more than one. Write the correct sentence.
a. There are two chiefs in this tribe. ( chief)
b. We cut the oranges into halves .(half)
c. The police arrested the three thieves. ( thief) 

d. The baker gave me seven loaves of bread. (loaf)

e. The men and their wives are touring on the Gold Coast. (wife)
f. We stacked the books on the two bottom shelves. (shelf)
g. The wolves were driven off by the noise of the guns.(wolf)
h. We swept up all the fallen leaves in the garden. (leaf)

Maths Mate, Term 1 Sheet 4

Question 24: Place a  +,- or x sign in each box to make the equation correct.

6_ 8_ = 46

Prediction: I predict I will need to use subtraction, addition and multiplication. I also predict this has to do with numbers.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.


1. Think about what symbol could go in to the first space.

2.Fill in 6 x 8

3.Think about what could go in the second space.

4.Fill in – 2

Summary:I used the strategy guess, check and improve.


Spelling Term 1 Week 5 Activities

Activity 1:


to cover something in another object. eg .to roll something in crumbs


to play something or show something in a specific way. eg . i would like to be a good role model to the younger piers


wickedness or evil


a fault or bad habit


One is the first positive number in the number system


Won is the past tense of winning which is if you are in a competition and beat the other team or person. eg . I won the basketball grand final


A  lawyer that is paid to give advice to someone in a court case


The government of a small area such as a city or suburb


to be or rest in a flat horizontal position


another word for a fib or not telling the truth


Whilst crying little drops of water come from your eyes also know as tears.


To rip something is also to tear something

Activity 2:


a way of governing a country, in which you elect people to form a government on your behalf


An election is a formal decision making process  by which a population chooses an individual to hold elected status


In many nations, premier is used interchangeably with prime minster


the head of a city or suburban council


having to do with a central government rather than state governments: federal politics

Activity 3:

The mayor of our local council has approved to a project to build a road through a local park. My mother wrote to our local member to say the  of children had been denied. As a tax payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also sent their objections through the mail. The road has been allowed to go ahead anyway. The council won.