100 Word Challenge#34

Today in the world of little people had a wonderful discovery. It looked like a massive egg but they had no idea what sort of egg or what animals egg it was.They decided to get a paleontologist  to check if it was a dinosaur or any other ancient animal eggs. They were not sure so they also called in a group of zoologists. They thought it was a  job for a paleontologist and they then realized as soon as the egg cracked that it was a triceratops dinosaur egg. When it cracked they urgently got it out of their town of the little people.BoqJ1M8IcAEuSJ6 Week#36

100wc week 33

I strongly believe that every child should be able to go to school and get a good education weather they have a disability or not.

Some children in disadvantaged countries like Kenya are not able to get to school. For example 11 year old Lucy was diagnosed with polio when she was young and was affected in her right leg (see 100 word challenge week 33.) Now Lucy is not able to have fun and cannot get a good education if she doesn’t go to school

I believe every child should be able support their family in tough times and Lucy cannot do this without a good education. Let’s help Lucy and all the other disadvantaged children who cannot go to school.

100 WC Week #27

How would you like to be a night zoo keeper?

I would enjoy being a zoo keeper because I enjoy helping animals and taking of care of animals. If I had the chance to be a night zoo keeper I would definitely take the job .


Taking care of animals and other creatures is very important to help other living things. I enjoy helping other living things because it makes me feel happy and good about myself.

I believe I deserve to be a night zoo keeper because I get to tour people around the night zoo. I love animals and helping other things. I hope you enjoyed my piece.



100 WC Week #26

look up.! Can you see. Is it a bird is it a plane no there bombing helicopters. RUN!


” W…w…why do you th…th…think they wa…want to bomb England when we just gave new technology to every country in the world how could anyone be angry at us?


Wait I think I forgot Germany they are the only country with such modern weapons unless they have help. What is the closest country to Germany it could be Belgium 1 because they have good weaponry and 2  because Belgium is also extremely close to Germany.

I know who it is that plane to the left has the German flag on the side.

100 WC #24

Once upon a time snow white was walking in the woods and saw a little cottage, she decided to knock to see if anyone was home as she knocked you would never believe what she  saw 7 dwarfs…

She was amazed at what she had seen such a thing.

She then decided to run home and get food to help the other people in the woods.

She ran back to the cottage and all the dwarfs were gone.

she enjoyed the company of the 7 dwarfs but she will needto come back another time.

I will see you tomorrow she said to the cottage.

100 Word Challenge week #12!!!









” YEAH it’s Christmas,” I yelled as I got  out of  bed to run to the Christmas tree. “MUM DAD  COME IT’S TIME TO OPEN THE CHRISTMAS PREASENTS,”  I screamed to wake up my parents!!

“OK darling we’ll be there in a minute we’re just putting  our dressing gowns on, slippers and we’re also getting your Preasents,” They told me from up stairs.

” OOOH preasents,” I screamed!!!!

As mum  and dad came down stairs I started to open my preasents. I screamed waho when I opended my first preasent it was an IPOD touch1 I’ve always an IPOD touch! The End!!!!!!!!

100WC week # 9

”Hey kids I baked you some brownies,”mum yelled from downstairs. “Mum we  will have some later,” we yelled from the up stairs study, “Why don’t you want them now usaully they would all be gone by now  so why aren’t you eating don’t you feel up to eating brownies?” Mum questioned with a confused tone of voice.

100WC week 8

Grandparents are important to me because when I was young  my nan used to take me to the shops and we used to have lots of fun and we still do. Grandparents help out alot  and if they werent around you wouldnt be on Earth because they are the parents of your parents. When you have school holidays and your parents need to go some were  or your parents have work they can take care of you.

That is why I think Grandparents are important!!