PA reflection. ( stop motion film)

In term 3 of the 2015 school year, the 5/6’s of M.P.P.S  were asked to do a stop motion film with the animals they made in the term before hand. The stop motion film could be about anything that isn’t inappropriate involving our deadly desert creatures.

We made the films using the school iPads and worked in groups of 3-4 people. We chose our own groups that we were asked to base around the people that we work well with and not necessarily within our friendship group, in my group was Mia, Esther and myself. We are all friends but I think we worked quite well together, and I think that made a difference because we weren’t tense when we were talking to each other.

In our group we not only worked well together but no one took the lead and everyone held their own weight. One day while we were working on our project I was away due to illness, but my group still got the work we needed done. We also finished before our project was due.

One of our struggles was getting used to using the application, because we had never made a stop motion film using that before. Our team also had trouble with our creatures along the time we worked together, we had limbs coming off, and then we tried to incorporate that in to the film they just came off again. At one point we tried to stand one creature up on the bridge but then it would just collapse because of the weight.

I think we could have put in more of a group effort on the backdrop as we had one person take it home to work on and to put our ideas into action. We also could have been more organised and I think this because when we were supposed to be filming, we realised we didn’t have a storyboard, so while the others were filming off ideas that they could remember from the week before, one of the group members had to make a storyboard. I also believe we could have done some finishing touches in our last lesson rather then going straight onto the paperwork we needed to finish for our reflection.

In conclusion, I believe our group worked very well together with everyone holding their own weight and that is the main reason why we succeeded.

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