The Gift…

On the 11th of June the 5/6’s of M.P.P.S did narratives. These narratives, had to be about a gift, I did my story about an elderly homeless women that was given a very important gift. Through out the story there are little gift but closer to the end there is a very important gift. I hope you enjoy;

Hi, I am Martha Skitzenberg and I live in Broad meadows at the local train station.It’s 2003, and I am worried about this train station on Friday and Saturday nights because when people come back from the city after a long day, they have often been to the pub earlier and had a bit to much to drink. After people have been to the pub, many don’t know what they are doing.

In 1997, my husband passed away when he was coming home. He was king hit by a bunch of under aged teenagers after a big night. When he passed away I didn’t have enough money to pay off the rest of our mortgage so our house was taken from me which left me… you guessed it… homeless. When people at the station pass me, they like to laugh but one day a teenage boy had just came back from the shops, he had bought things to decorate his home and he gave me his; warm sleeping bag, lots of decorated pillows, battery operated lights and some new warm clothes for the winter.

Today, I was contacted by the Australian government and told that someone (a young teenage boy) had contacted them and he said that he was studying law in year 12 and told them that people aged over 60 that are homeless, have to be given a home in the suburb/estate of their  by the government and he would walk past that women in 3 months to see if she is still their and if not he will tell the police and contact the housing department or even sue the Government.

I was flooded with joy,when I found out that someone of that aged cared for the elderly and homeless. I wouldn’t expect this to happen in the 21st century because of how society has changed for the worse.

“Back in my day,” I raveled on, to the stranger reading my sign, “you could walk through the city at night and know that nothing bad will happen to you unnless you bother someone you don’t know.”Will she ever stop thought the young man. “Do you walk through the city at night feeling safe?” The young man walked off in bother.

1 and a half months later

Today, the prime minister, Tony Abbott came and gave me keys to a lovely double story house with a pool, and an electrical chair so I don’t have to walk up the stairs. My new house is; 3 Worribale court, Toorak.

7 years later

” Today, we remember what wonderful moments we had with our late friend Martha Skitzenberg. She gave us all her friendly advice and shared her wisdom with children and people that will grow old with that knowledge .”                          “I once remember her saying to me that; back in her day she could walk through the city at night feeling safe and knowing that she would get home safely.” A tear dropped and the middle aged man turned around and sat in his seat.”

Thank you for reading my piece and I hope you enjoyed my narrative.