Nepal Earthquake BTN

This Btn informed me about the devastating earthquake in Nepal recently. This earthquake had a 7.9 magnitude rating.this Earthquake left behind broken hearts as thousands of people passed away in the rubble of their homes, buildings and some from an avalanche on Mt Everest. This earthquake left many people homeless and needing medical treatment.

To understand how it happened you need background information on the earth. I you go far underneath the surface of the earth you will find a big, red, hot molten rock. Molten rock is a hard version of lava. When there is a volcano eruption parts of molten rock is released and turns into a liquid. The layer we float above is called crust. Crust is made up of extremely big blocks of Earth that are also known as tectonic plates. Tectonic plates shift a few centimeters every year. When a tectonic plate collides with another one tectonic plate is forced to go up which makes the ground shake. Some places get many earthquakes because they are on top of two tectonic plates that may collide at any time but some places like; Australia get large earthquakes because they are in the middle of one tectonic plate. In 2012 Australia had a little Earthquake that was only a little earthquake and that didn’t make much damage. China on the other hand is on top of two tectonic plates therefore gets extremely bad earthquakes which cause millions of dollars to repair.

There are not many large earthquakes a year but there are many little ones.
That is what I learned from this Btn.

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