100WC Week 30

…  Drum   …     Cornflake   …   Exciting  …   Lion …    Danced …

Yesterday, we went to the circus. There were people with drums marching around the yellow and red big top in perfect rhythm with each other. There was a lion that danced on the stage and acrobats were doing tricks on the lion’s back, it was so exciting. Instead of buying food at the circus we made honey joys for everyone that came with us. But because my sister is allergic to cornflakes she made brownies by herself, it was soooo unfair but I still like honey joys.

5 thoughts on “100WC Week 30

  1. I really liked how you described the circus performance although the story was entertaining but quite simple!

  2. Great job and I like how you included the words from the 100wc into your story. I like how you talked about the circus and how descriptive your story was. Great job!

  3. Wow!
    Holly I wish I had come with you- I would have had a brownie with your sister.
    You created fantastic images for the reader and I was swept away with your excitement.
    One tiny comment for you to think about, just have a look at your sentence openers. Two of your sentences start with…There was…… I think you could definately think of a better one for at least one of those.
    That is being a bit picky because overall I loved it.
    Keep on writing!

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