100WC Week#26

 …as they turned the corner…

Many people say that the corner of Stephenson street and Robertson road is very dangerous and that may be where many people are taken or killed. The people that live in that area say that they hear screams every night and some at the break of dawn. On the 13/12/2003 3 police officers decided to go to the particular corner with lots of weapons and …As they turned the corner… nothing happened so they decided to go back with no weapons and they were never ever ever seen again.

…as they turned the corner…

pre contact aboriginal life

On Thursday the 5th of March 5/6B did a lesson on aboriginal life before white contact and settlement. We had tables set up with different activities on each. on table 1 you watch 2 videos on my place and took notes these videos were based before European contact and settlement. Some of the notes I took were They were wearing animal skin, fur and bones. They used spears to catch food and from the yabbies video the kids caught their own food. On table 2 we did mapping and answered questions about the map. The map was Australia but with Victoria and Tasmania cut out and we had to fill in the little pieces which were the tribes. On the map Australia was split in to many different places which were all the areas of the tribes. On table 3 we read about different topics such as art and clothing, fun and leisure, food and farming and tools and trading we had four groups and each group read about a topic the took notes. I did fun and leisure it was interesting to see how things have changed over time like how toys are made, and how people have fun.Whilst reading I learnt that dolls were made out of wood, shells, clay and dressed in fiber skirts or feathers, were as now dolls are made from vinyl and cloth and have hair that looks like real hair, some dolls even have real hair so you can style it how ever you want. Once everyone finished taking notes we shared all the notes we took and the others had to write down the same as what we wrote. On table 4 we studied rock paintings and drawing. We also studied what the different symbols meant. After we found out what the symbols meant we got strips of paper with little cave paintings and as a group we had to find out what the different paintings meant and write it next to the cave painting.

Overall, I think this was a really good lesson it was lots of fun and I learnt alot about aboriginal life before contact. I would like to do more lessons like this because I found it very productive and efficient. Something that made this lesson productive was the time limits and what made the lesson efficient was the way everyone worked together to get the lesson done.

That was what we did for the carousel in class.