Q & A about the stolen generation (BTN)

1.What was the main point of the story?

The main point was that indigenous people wanted equal rights and wanted the stolen generation to stop. They also wanted the government to apologise for what happened in the past.

2. Why do you think the indigenous children taken were known as the ” stolen generation ” ?

Because, they were stolen from their families, identities, culture, lifestyle, name and their home town.

3. It was the government policy that indigenous children be removed. Why do you think they thought that this was necessary? 

We thought that the government were trying to give the indigenous children a better life, but they were wrong. They thought that if they took them away to a European school they would have a better education and a better life.

4. ” They thought they were doing the right thing.” How has social policy changed?

Everybody has realised that it doesn’t matter what religion you follow or what you look like because everybody is different.

5. What does the sentence ” a gross violation of human rights” mean?

  A gross violation of  human rights means that when people of different religions or backgrounds have unfair rights to people of different religions or backgrounds. It also means that they have attacked the indigenous peoples rights.

6. What is assimilation? 

Not everyone is the same so you want to incorporate everyone for them selves, and the act of becoming a part of the European lifestyle.

100wc week#22

As I was walking home from school I was stopped by a cold hand on my back. I didnt know if it was my friends or someone I didnt know but I was to scared to turn around. I kept on walking and I heard a bang from behind without thinking I turned around and nothing was there I looked on the ground and saw a chocolate bar. I followed my instincts and ripped it open. I hesitated but then took a bite. It was extremely bitter. But it said sweet on the wrapper. I turned back around and started to walk. Then suddenly I dropped. And thats all I remember before I woke up in a hospital bed.

BTN: Handwrititng

This btn story was about Finland deciding to scrap cursive handwriting lessons and replacing them with typing lessons .

Some Australian critics agree with this idea but many people are going against ditching cursive handwriting. As of 2016 NAPLAN  will be taken online. In the 15th century Niccolo Niccoli invented cursive writing but now Finland believs it is a waste of time and that it has pas its used by date. Some experts believe scrapping cursive writing and replacing it with typing lessons could ruin childrens spelling and handwriting abilities and children will always relie on spell check. I wonder why Finland believs that cursive is a waste of time?

if you want to watch this btn story click here (the video is under handwriting)


100WC #21

We were at school doing silent reading and we all of a sudden heard a slap. It was every childs worst nightmare but someones nightmare just became a real life situation. The only noise you can hear for the next 5-10 minutes is crying and crying and more crying. Once the crying has stopped it is silent for another 2 minutes. This is a chained reaction after the caine has been used on yet another innocent victim. The silence was deafening, but it happened quite often, so i as used to it. Getting the caine or the strap isn’t hard, talk while the teacher talks and out comes the strap.

100WC week#20

I was in Africa building little huts for the homeless when I saw a homeless person lying on the floor crying of starvation and I felt sorry for her she looked so miserable so I looked through my empty lunchbox only to find a sandwich. Hoping she would like vegemite and cheese sandwich I walked over to her and placed it in her hands. As I was walking back to the construction site I heard a thankyou but no more crying as I turned around the was a grey hyena staring me in the face. Begging for food. It climbed over the hill and was never seen again.

My summer holidays 2014/15

Dear Lee,

I found your letter about what you did over the summer holidays quite interesting. I have never been to Tasmania but from your letter it sounds very enjoyable and if I go to Tasmania I believe I will have a lot of fun what else did you do in Tasmania were there many tourist destination or was it just like being at home but in a different location. When you went to Tasmania was it could and raining or was it nice and sunny because I have heard that Tasmania is normally quite cold. Over my summer holidays I went to Albury and Gold Coast. I went to Albury a couple of days after Christmas and Gold Coast around a week and a half before school started up again. If you ask me I have no favourites because they were to very different holidays in Albury we stayed around the resort at the pool and tanning and in Gold Coast we had to stayed with our parents and went shopping and to the pool the days we weren’t at the theme parks. Yay. In Gold Coast we went to dreamworld and whitewater world. Personally I enjoyed whitewater world better and I went on all the rides except the triple vortex and 2 waterslides that I didn’t see. In dreamworld I went on a ride called the shockwave and a ride that was like you were in a circular boat that fits 5 people and you go through a rough river that has strong waves,  water pistols that squirt you, but the hand held water pistols cost 2 dollars which means no one did it.  The river was called the river rapids and its theme was the Ballarat gold rush. The day we went to the river rapids it was pooring so we got wet anyway. On the first night we were there it started to poor and we were at the 7d cinema and we went shopping because all the shops are open until 10 pm at night. The second day it was nice and sunny and we went shopping again. The third day it was sunny and we had a Starbucks Frappuccino that was strawberry cheesecake and we went shopping again. The fourth day we went to white water world and it was so fun after white water world we went shopping and got starbucks  that day was sunny aswell. The fifth day was freezing and raining all day but we still went to dream world and got starbucks.the sixth day we went to the airport on public transport and when we were waiting to board we went to the victorias secrt shop and I got a new body mist that smells like red plum and fressia which smells amazing. My friend got a new body mist that smells the best as well. We finally got to board and I got to sit with two of my friends Victoria and Alannah on the plane all we did was play on our ipads which meant the flight went really quickly and when we were on the plane we bought the best banana bread. One thing I learnt on my holidays was that gold coast and Melbourne I have a different time zone because gold coast has not got day light savings because it is still light when it is 8.30 at night.

And that is what I did on my holiday.

Kind regards Holly