camp recount 2014

On the 24th of November 2014 the year 5/6’s of 2014 drove up to Canberra for our 5/6 camp.

My favourite part of the camp was when we went to the A.I.S for a tour. We went around the A.I.S and after that we went to a room called sportex and we got to play different games to do with different sports such as seeing if you can do a chin up and the sport was gymnastics or seeing your flexibility which was also gymnastics. I couldn’t believe it when Jess(teacher) was in the basketball cage and managed to get 2 shots in from in the wheelchair.

I think everyone had an amazing time at camp because I know I did.



windpower P.M.I

Plus Minus Interesting
It is environmentally friendly

People still use wind power.

Cheaper power.

Animals can fly into the windmill blades.

Not many people use wind power.

It takes up a lot of space.

That they use wind to make electricity.

They make full farms just for making windpower.