spelling term 3 week 2 2014

Group 3 words
Tsunamis Tornadoes Monsoons Volcanoes literature Appreciation Prejudice Connotations Prescriptive Annotated

1. Please copy your list words three times into your homework book.
2. Start preparing your speech for class masters, if you’re not sure of your topic
check with your teacher.
3. Start looking for ideas for your debate topics, the earlier you begin this
process the easier it will be when it is your turn to debate.
4. Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a
good understanding of the words.

Annotated: to annotate or for something to be annotated is to have something clearly labeled.

Tornadoes: A tornado is a twisting wind storm. A tornado is also a type of extreme weather.

Appreciation: to appreciate something is to have gratitude towards property and people.

Monsoons: A monsoon is when there is  excessive rain and any wind that changes directions with the season.

5. By now you should have your book for Literature Circles. Carefully look at the responsibilities your role entails. What do you have to have completed before you meet again as a group? Remember to record all of your answers in your reading reflection book.

6. Prefixes : Write the definition of a prefix.
Complete the table below with as many prefixes as possible.


pre-, trans-, hyper-, aero-, multi-,anti-, de-, dis-,  en-, em-, fore-, in-, im-, in-, im-, il-, ir-,inter-, mid-, mis-,non-, over-, re-,semi-, sub-, super-,  un-,under-

Spelling term 3 week

Choose four list words. Write each word in a sentence to indicate you have a good understanding of the word.

Opponents: Opponents are people that you verse in games and debates

Adjudicator: The person that keeps everyone on task

Affirmative: The team or person that agrees with a statement

Persuasive:  a text to persuade someone to your opinion

maths mate term 3 sheet 1

Question 23:  Fill in the missing digits in the sum.     6_

+ _ 9

9 6

Prediction: I predict that I will need to use addition to figure out this question.


  1. First I tried to figure out  what you added with nine to get a six but you have to carry a one and make the number sixteen.

2.    then I figured out 3 numbers that go together with a six to equal nine.

Strategy: I used break it into smaller manageable parts.

Answer: 67 + 29 = 96