Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 1

Question 23: Place the numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10 in the circles so that the sum on every line         was equal to 24.Prediction:I predict I will need to use addition to solve this problem. Clarification: I have nothing to clarify

Solution: 1. Place a ten at the very top bubble(blue) 2. Find out what 10 + 5 equals.(15) 3. Find out what you add to 15 to get to 24.(9) 4. put the 9 in the left over bubble on the right hand side. 5 find out what 2 numbers equal 14 out of 6,7 or 8.(6+8) 6. place the 8 and 6 in the two left over bubbles on the left hand side. 7. now put the left over 7 in the last bubble Summary: I used the strategies test all possibilities, break it in to manageable parts and guess, check and improve.

This is what your answer should look like. (not in different color)

This is what your answer should look like. (not in different color)




100 WC Week #30

“Zzz, Zzz” that was the sound of me snoring through the night. I was absolutely exhausted. Suddenly I woke from my deep sleep only to see a shine on the floor boards, leading from my window into the hallway. I looked over at the  window and saw the glass shattered on the ground. There was no time, I slipped on my slippers and followed the track into the hallway, it took me to the second room, it took a sharp turn into the kitchen. Still following the track I stopped at the bench but it went up the cupboard doors I followed it up to the top of the pantry, and when I opened the cupboard door… “AHHHHHHH! IT’S A SNAKE!” I screeched.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 7.

Predict:  I predict I will need to use addition to figure this out.

Clarify:  I have nothing to clarify.


1.  Find out what the missing numbers are, they are 4,5,1.

2.  Now you find out what numbers are missing on the next dice, they are 6,5,1,3.

3.  Now you add the first dice together. 5+4+1=10.

4.   Now you add the second dice together. 6+5+1+3=15.

5. Now you add 15 and 10 together then you write 25 in the blank box.

Summary:  I used the strategy break it in to smaller parts and make a number sentence.