Spelling Term 1 Week 5 Activities

Activity 1:


to cover something in another object. eg .to roll something in crumbs


to play something or show something in a specific way. eg . i would like to be a good role model to the younger piers


wickedness or evil


a fault or bad habit


One is the first positive number in the number system


Won is the past tense of winning which is if you are in a competition and beat the other team or person. eg . I won the basketball grand final


A  lawyer that is paid to give advice to someone in a court case


The government of a small area such as a city or suburb


to be or rest in a flat horizontal position


another word for a fib or not telling the truth


Whilst crying little drops of water come from your eyes also know as tears.


To rip something is also to tear something

Activity 2:


a way of governing a country, in which you elect people to form a government on your behalf


An election is a formal decision making process  by which a population chooses an individual to hold elected status


In many nations, premier is used interchangeably with prime minster


the head of a city or suburban council


having to do with a central government rather than state governments: federal politics

Activity 3:

The mayor of our local council has approved to a project to build a road through a local park. My mother wrote to our local member to say the  of children had been denied. As a tax payer she felt she  had to have her say as did many other people who also sent their objections through the mail. The road has been allowed to go ahead anyway. The council won.


Math Mate Term 1 Sheet 2 Problem

Question 24: Fill in the missing number. 45 – _ + 20 = 28

Prediction: I predict this is a number problem. I also predict that I will need to use addition and subtraction.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify


1.Add 45 and 20 together. the answer is 65

2. Subtract 28 from 65. the answer is 37

3.Fill in the empty box with 37

Summary: I used the strategy make a number sentence.

100 WC Week #23

As I was in the meeting they mentioned a new place for the astronaut course if anyone was interested, as I put up my hand they called out Micheal Valoski   and all my dreams of being an astronaut were crushed all the dreams of pushing through the Earth. I had never felt so bad. Imagine your biggest dream being crushed right in front of your face. I will hopefully get another chance to put my self up in lights by being an astronaut. I  very badly want to put my name up in lights. As if you have ever felt this bad


Math Mate Term 1 Sheet 1 Problem

Question 24: fill in the missing number.  13 + _ + 35 = 80

Predict: I think this is a number problem. I predict I will have to use addition and subtraction.

Clarify: The blank box means that you need to write the answer in


1.Add 13 and 35 together. The answer is 48.

2.Subtract 48 from 80. the answer is 32

3.Fill in the empty box with the answer of 32.

Summary: the strategy I used was to make a number sentence

100 wc week #22

As my friend and I stumbled towards the door we heard screaming coming from the house ahead. We suddenly stopped and questioned ourselves as to whether  we should continue, we had decided that we would knock and leave if needed.

We knocked no one, came we tried again no one came, suddenly we heard a shot and then screams we had a bad feeling about this house, we knocked for the last time and someone came the suddenly grabbed us then took us inside we tried to run but we couldn’t . the person that grabbed us was wearing a balaclava so we couldn’t recognize who it was.

my high expectations rubric







No good grammar Getting there Not completely wrong or right Good grammar Perfect grammar


15+ words incorrect 10+ words incorrect 8+ words incorrect 5+ words incorrect 1-3 words incorrect


Punctuation in the wrong position It is there but in the wrong spot Some punctuation in the right spot Punctuation not extremely perfect but still close Punctuation in the perfect position


Extremely messy hand writing Close to readable Readable but still not perfect Almost perfect Beautifully neat writing


Didn’t put in enough effort Keep trying Good effort Very close to perfect Put in all the effort you could