This term at m.p.p.s the 3/4s learn’t about and wrote explanations.

We found out the features of explanations.

Explanations need: Tier 3 words, needs to answer an open question , have a clear impersanal and serious voice and the authors purpose needs to be to teach,e.t.c.

Explanations can have: Cause and effect, compare and contrast, facts and opinions, intro and conclusion paragraphs, descriptions( 5 senses), diagrams with captions, sequence words and questions and exclamations.

I did my explanation on, Why do we have seasons?

Here it is;

Why Do We Have Seasons?

By Holly Secchi!

Can you imagine not having seasons? Have you ever gone to the snow or the beach and wondered to yourself why we have seasons and why we need different clothes for different months. Sometimes it gets really, really annoying.

If the world stopped spinning on its axis we wouldn’t have seasons. The angle of the Earth’s axis is a 23.50 angle. The reason different countries have seasons at different times is because, when the Earth spins around the sun different places get direct light.

In different countries they have hotter summers and winters because of how close it is to the equator. There is a Southern hemisphere and a Northern hemisphere. The equator is always in direct light so if a country is close to the equator the hotter the state or country.

Over all, we have seasons because of the when the Earth spins on an axis around the sun and if it didn’t spin on its axis around the sun we wouldn’t have seasons. Hopefully now you know how the angle of the Earth’s axis helps to create its seasons.