Term 4 Maths Project Reflection.

Lilli.B, Lilli.C, Lydia and I worked together to make a building that might replace a real thing that is the big red shipping on the oval that we called ‘the green house’.

I learnt that estimation is important if your making a model that might become a real building.

My groups estimation was 11.50 x 2.50 our frame of reference was 10m x 2m and the actual measurements were 12.25m x 2.48m.

I started to understand that team work isn’t as hard as I thought and you can’t always get what you want and arguments can be worked around.

We made The Green House  out of  laminated laminating sheets, clay, paper,  glue, sticky tape and  espeshely team work.

100 Word Challenge week #12!!!









” YEAH it’s Christmas,” I yelled as I got  out of  bed to run to the Christmas tree. “MUM DAD  COME IT’S TIME TO OPEN THE CHRISTMAS PREASENTS,”  I screamed to wake up my parents!!

“OK darling we’ll be there in a minute we’re just putting  our dressing gowns on, slippers and we’re also getting your Preasents,” They told me from up stairs.

” OOOH preasents,” I screamed!!!!

As mum  and dad came down stairs I started to open my preasents. I screamed waho when I opended my first preasent it was an IPOD touch1 I’ve always an IPOD touch! The End!!!!!!!!