My passions!

Hi  I’m Holly and today I’m talking about my passions, first of all my favourite sport is basketball, then my favourite subjects at school are Art and P.E. I have alot of  diffrent passions so I’m not saying all of them but I will list some more now:

I like dancing, helping the enviroment, drawing, writing, sport, updating my blog, swimming, hanging out with my friends and sleeping.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my passions.

100WC week # 9

”Hey kids I baked you some brownies,”mum yelled from downstairs. “Mum we  will have some later,” we yelled from the up stairs study, “Why don’t you want them now usaully they would all be gone by now  so why aren’t you eating don’t you feel up to eating brownies?” Mum questioned with a confused tone of voice.

100WC week 8

Grandparents are important to me because when I was young  my nan used to take me to the shops and we used to have lots of fun and we still do. Grandparents help out alot  and if they werent around you wouldnt be on Earth because they are the parents of your parents. When you have school holidays and your parents need to go some were  or your parents have work they can take care of you.

That is why I think Grandparents are important!!