Buddies picnic

Prep buddies picnic –Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

On the 9th of December all the preps and the 5/6’s went to the Royal Botanic Garden Victoria for our buddies picnic, during the day we played games, walked around the gardens, and the main goal was learning to communicate with your younger peers.

At M.P.P.S we do a thing called ‘the buddies program’ and it is run with the year 5/6’s and the preps. It is mainly a program to help communication skills with younger and older peers. 1 week we eat with them at lunch and the next week we have a lesson with them. Everyone was allocated their younger or older buddies at the start of the year and since then it has all been the same. Some of the buddy partnering was done with 2 older buddies depending on the preps co-operation skills or on the 5/6 buddies experience with younger peers.

Our 1st destination was ‘the lake’ where we ate recess, wrote about what we could hear, see, smell and feel, after we finished that we looked at how many Ducks, Swans, Eels, Eurasian Coots and Dusky Moorhens. Not everyone finished all that but if you did you were allowed to sit down, relax and play with our prep buddies.

Our next destination was ‘the herb garden’. In the herb garden we had to try and find the herbs that were on the sheet then describe what they look like, and smell like. My buddy and I particularly liked the Pineapple-scented Sage, and the 1 we liked the least I unfortunately cannot remember the name.

Next we went to the ‘fern gully’ we walked through on a trail and talked to our buddies we also described what we saw, heard, smelt and felt.

Overall, it was a good day.

100WC #11 My head really ached

My head really ached …

My head is pounding from all the stress and pressure and it is all too much. My personal life is hanging by a thread and everything is going wrong. I had my last NAPLAN test yesterday and my head really ached so I was worried if I did as well as I could. I was worried if I disappointed my parents or my teachers because I was only focusing on the pain and trying to relief it. Some questions I just put down random numbers or each time it was a multiple choice question I would do eny, meny, miny, moe to decide.

How could something so tiny…. 100WC #10

A couple of years ago I committed a small crime. I’m ashamed but I can go back and fix what I did in the past so I just have to live with it. I recently put in an application for university and I got the results today. This is what the letter said;

Dear Melany,

I’m sorry to say but because of the lolly robbery that you pleaded guilty to, you will not be able to accompany us at Harvard Law School.

Thanking you for your time

Professor Miena

How could something so tiny have such a big difference in my future”

Red…. 100WC #9

There’s one color that I see when I think of life is red…. I see red because of sunrise and sunset. So many things you see during life are red; anger (the main color of anger is red.), stores, flags .etc. When I think of red I think anger; which is a part of everyday life, I also see health which to me is extremely important to me because a healthy life normally means a happy life. It also shows health because of blood and it being the color red which means life because you need blood to have life.

Skeleton picture prompt…. 100WC #8

 I was with my best friend trick or treating and we went passed an American household and they offered us to come into their house and straight away we did. When we started seeing blood and ripped clothes we started to get worried but kept on through the tour, when we got to the backyard we started seeing bodies that people tried to burry but didn’t fully. We were worried that soon that would be us. I checked and it turned out that it was the missing child in my mum’s parent’s street; she was one of my best friends.

This was our picture prompt

This was our picture prompt

She wouldn’t stop crying…. 100WC #7

I think I made a big mistake, this afternoon I left my 8 year old  at home while I went shopping and when I got home the neighbors 2 year old daughter had been crying and her mother said to me, “Because of your stupid son, my daughter was crying all night and she wouldn’t stop crying.” My son’s side of the story was that she was sleeping and he shut the door too loud and it woke her but according to her mum the baby was never ever sleeping while I was out and my son was home alone.

it felt like…. 100wc #5

It felt like….

The wind is blowing and the cold breeze is slowly freezing my vulnerable, uncovered neck. The breeze will eventually get from my neck, to my arms, to legs, to my feet and then I will freeze all over. I feel a tap on my shoulder and it felt like a touch from death. I was all of a sudden freezing all over, I didn’t want to turn around but I couldn’t resist. I turned around and it was worse than death. It was my teacher holding my holiday homework; maths, literacy, writing, reading, spelling, typing and calculations.


PA reflection. ( stop motion film)

In term 3 of the 2015 school year, the 5/6’s of M.P.P.S  were asked to do a stop motion film with the animals they made in the term before hand. The stop motion film could be about anything that isn’t inappropriate involving our deadly desert creatures.

We made the films using the school iPads and worked in groups of 3-4 people. We chose our own groups that we were asked to base around the people that we work well with and not necessarily within our friendship group, in my group was Mia, Esther and myself. We are all friends but I think we worked quite well together, and I think that made a difference because we weren’t tense when we were talking to each other.

In our group we not only worked well together but no one took the lead and everyone held their own weight. One day while we were working on our project I was away due to illness, but my group still got the work we needed done. We also finished before our project was due.

One of our struggles was getting used to using the application, because we had never made a stop motion film using that before. Our team also had trouble with our creatures along the time we worked together, we had limbs coming off, and then we tried to incorporate that in to the film they just came off again. At one point we tried to stand one creature up on the bridge but then it would just collapse because of the weight.

I think we could have put in more of a group effort on the backdrop as we had one person take it home to work on and to put our ideas into action. We also could have been more organised and I think this because when we were supposed to be filming, we realised we didn’t have a storyboard, so while the others were filming off ideas that they could remember from the week before, one of the group members had to make a storyboard. I also believe we could have done some finishing touches in our last lesson rather then going straight onto the paperwork we needed to finish for our reflection.

In conclusion, I believe our group worked very well together with everyone holding their own weight and that is the main reason why we succeeded.